Old Suzuki Swifts have been produced in several countries and they have various names, like Geo Metro, Suzuki Cultus, Holden Barina, Suzuki Lingyang.

These cars are small but usable even for a Three-Kid Family. They have advantages (cheap) and disadvantages (safety). I think, most people use these cars because of their PRICE and negative qualities are less important.

I personally like, that old Suzuki Swift has low maintenance fees. Comfort, road-holding and others are good enough for me. The weakest point is safety. So I want my Suzuki Swift working properly in order to be as safe as possible.

So I started this blog to show you how I repair my car. I usually explain repairing in detail in order that people who never did it before, can do that from now on. I have some tips about driving and also would like to take some photos you may like. I write my experience about car parts, tools, accessories and where to buy them. Posts and my pictures are shareable on social networks.

I do my best to show repairing methods. I always pay attention to safety and carefullness. But I could be mistaken. Everybody do the repairing at their own risk. I could not take responsibility for any actions of others.