Fuel Injector

Injector Replacement

Injector doesn’t work properly, if you feel that your car has a strange behavior. I felt that my Swift didn’t run well, hesitated when throttling, then suddenly it worked normally. That happened at every gear changing. Plus sometimes it started really hard. This happened usually when I went on short trips. For example I went shopping, stopped the car then after a few minutes I wanted to start again. So my injector had to be replaced.

The part itself could be cheap or expensive too. I bought it on Aliexpress less than € 21 (Online shopping). You doesn’t need special tools for the job.

1. Relieve fuel pressure

Because of the fuel pump, there is high pressure in the fuel system, which has to be relieved before replacing the injector.

2. Disconnect negative cable from battery

3. Remove air cleaner

Remove air cleaner upper case (read more: Air Filter Replacement), air filter and air cleaner lower case, which is fixed to the cylinder head cover with a bolt. Remove ISC solenoid valve hose and PCV valve hose from air cleaner lower case and take the case aside.

Remove air cleaner mounting stay which is held by two bolts.

4. Remove injector

Remove injector cover. It’s held by two screws.

I wasn’t be able to screw both of them with a normal screwdriver, so I used an impact screwdriver.

I used this tool really carefully here and finally I could screw off that screw which didn’t break and remained usable. This impact screwdriver is worth the money, because it’s cheap and necessary for car repairing.

After removing injector cover with upper insulator in it, disconnect coupler from injector which is held by two claws of injector. I did it with two screwdrivers this way: while I was uncurling one of the crawls, I moved the plug outward carefully  with a bigger screwdriver. I did the same on the other side and the plug came off nicely.

And here is the time to remove injector itself. I did it with a screwdriver as seen on next picture.

Here are old and new injectors.

I cleaned the injector cavity, left the lower O-ring, lower insulator in the injector cavity and the upper insulator on top of the injector, but they’re good to be replaced if you have new ones.

5. Install new fuel injector

Apply thin coat of gasoline to O-rings (upper O-ring is on the injector), put the lower O-ring into the injector cavity then install the injector its place. Put the upper insulator on the top of the injector as seen on next picture.

Then assembly is a peace of cake.

6. At last check diagnostic code